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Club Penguin What’s New:Earth Day!

Hey Guys!
Today Club Penguin updated the What’s New blog!
“Last week we mentioned that we’ll be celebrating animals this Earth Day, and asked about your favorite animals. There were a lot of unique and interesting animal choices in the comments, from bats to wolves to… unicorns? Thanks for everyone’s participation!”
Here’s an interesting choice from Deception1:
My favorite animal of all time is a manatee. I love how they’re so gentle, and they look so cuddly! Manatees are very sweet, and I would love to meet one! Manatees are nicknamed “sea-cows”, because they are vegetarians, and eat lots of grass and sea-plants. In my dreams, I don’t ride on backs of dolphins, I ride on magnificant manatees, decked out in gold and jewels!
Waddle On,

Cuteness93 Xat


Quitting Xat

Hey guys! I decided to quit Xat please don’t ask me why!

Coming Back…

Cuteness93.com is coming back.

If you would like to become an author please message Hayden @twitter.com/cuteness93cp OR youtube.com/cuteness93cp



Meet Grovyle401!

Hey Guys! Its me Grovyle401! I am now an author for Cuteness93! 🙂   See-Ya!

Tracking Aunt Arctic and Cadence

Have you had trouble tracking Aunt Arctic or Cadence?
That is okay!
This blog will have the #1 most updated rooms and servers of where they are!
I even got an exclusive never before interview with Aunt Arctic!
Watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_wwtia6eCE

If they are not at this place, they may of moved.  They move about every 10-15 minutes. If they are not there, you can refresh the page.

Aunt Arctic:

Server: Outback
Room: Backstage


Room: Backstage

If you would like to help track them, please leave me a message on my youtube @ http://www.youtube.com/cuteness93cp


Follow me on twitter, also another beta contest! @ twitter.com/cuteness93cp